frequently asked Questions

Q. Do I have to bring my heavy vinyl record collection to you?

A. No, for your convenience we come to you at a time that most suits including weekends and evenings.

Q. Do I have to provide a full detailed list?
A. If you already have a list then great send it to Don’t worry if you don’t simply give us a call on 07979604577 and we’ll discuss your record collection. We would just need to know a little bit about them such as the quantity, condition, era, genres and some examples of the records you have.

Q. Is it just Vinyl Records that you buy?
A. We buy vinyl LP’s and singles, Reel-to-Reel tapes, selected cassette tapes and memorabilia. I’m sorry but we don’t buy CD’s or 78’s

Q. Which areas do you travel to?
A. We primarily travel throughout the North West of England to areas including but not limited to: Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria,  Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales. We are prepared to travel anywhere in the UK for the right items. 

Q. Do you offer valuations over the phone or by Email?
A. No, as condition is one of the biggest factors in valuing records we can only give an accurate valuation upon seeing the items and applying the industry standard condition grade to them. Also, original presses are usually far more valuable than subsequent reissues. Given this we can only give you an indication of possible potential value and arrange a convenient time to view them.

Q. Do you offer instant cash for vinyl record collections?
A. Yes, upon viewing your collection we will make a cash offer there and then, a receipt is also provided. Where a collection is posted to us we can offer a cheque, bank transfer or PayPal payment.

Q. Why should I sell my record collection to you?
A. Selling to us is far more easier, hassle free and less time consuming than selling them individually yourself. For example to sell 50 records on somewhere like eBay you would have to clean each one, photograph them, research the possible value, create the listing,  play test and the standard grade applied, answer questions, deal with non-payment, invest in the correct packaging, take them to the post office, deal with returns, missing items and possible fraud and so on. It could easily take 1 hour+ per record even then its not guaranteed to sell. We offer instant cash for your whole collection, no cherry picking.

Please contact us if you have any questions not covered here